Lagoon House Cocoa Beach

The Lagoon House site is located on a brackish water lagoon in the Banana River of Cocoa Beach, Florida. The single-family home program is for a retiring couple who wanted to have a place to display and enjoy their personal art collection. The house is all one story to accommodate any accessibility issues of the future. The form of the house is created by both the program elements as objects in the landscape and positioned in a way to open up the entire house to light and views of the lagoon beyond. The design is influenced by local and regional histories mixed with everyday objects, colors, beauty, and bounty of the Banana River lagoon area. The house is informed by the mid-century & modern edginess of Brevard County’s technological development with a dash of traditional Floridian Architecture for good measure.

The outcome emerges that is at the same time contextual and meaningful, for posterity representing its benefactor at this time and place. For us, the specific nature of this architecture is what we are searching for with our work, this leads to a quote which we have adopted as our office mantra.

We do not ask to be eternal beings. We only ask that things do not lose all their meaning.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry